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Coco Fiber Coir Peat Growing Demand

Coco fiber/coir/peat is now in urban demand. In agriculture, home garden, and floriculture, it is the best material to be used in combination with soil to enhance Potting Mixture porosity. Coco fiber/coir/peat holds an average of eight times the volume of water and humidity. It can be used alone for the holding capacity of water works best with soil. The water requirement for this soil combination is much less. Coco fiber/coir/peat’s uses are numerous, making it the most versatile in the planting list.

Coco fiber/coir allows air and moisture in which makes it very hydrophilic. This nature of Coco Peat helps to absorb water or moisture very quickly.

Since it is a 100% Organic Medium, Cation Exchange Capacity is more. Hence it helps in the exchange of Cations from the nutrients and water that roots absorb. It is lightweight making the transportation, storage, and handling costs of Coco Peat is very less.

Coconut husk showing coconut fiber inside

Coconut fiber/coir