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damaged plaster layer on old house; effects of rain water leakage from the roof, creating dampness inside the wall


While masonry is a stunning feature of your home or business, the wear and tear from the weather can take its toll. Natural changes like soil shifting and settling can severely damage your masonry foundation. Given the intense seasons, you should carefully monitor the masonry on your home or business. 

Masonry and brick that are poorly maintained are likely to suffer even more costly damage that could permanently affect your home. Dealing with any brick or stone masonry issues early will prevent larger problems from taking hold. 

Signs You Need Masonry Repairs

  • Deteriorated or Missing Mortar-Most brick or stone masonry walls require repointing every 15-20 years, and other factors may lead to earlier repair. When mortar deteriorates or buckles, it can be incredibly detrimental to the masonry structure.
  • Frost Boil or bulging bricks-Occurs when moisture seeps behind your brick masonry and disrupts the backing. This pushes or pulls the bricks causing them to bulge.
  • Bowed Bricks-Compacted bricks are altered from their original shape. Cracked or bowed bricks let water enter and damage your home. Many times, one compacted brick is a sign that there will be many others.
  • Interior Damage-Damaged masonry may lead to issues within your home. If you spot moisture buildup on your walls, feel drafts, or see deformed windows and plaster cracks, you may need a masonry repair.
  • Cracked Bricks-Occur naturally over time. However, cracks at an angle greater than 30º threaten to collapse your masonry structure. Even bricks that are not likely to allow a collapse still affect your masonry.

Masonry Services We Offer

All-Way Masonry Service has the experience and knowledge to solve all of your masonry repairs. Our experts will evaluate your masonry structures and perform any necessary repairs to keep your masonry operating and looking its best. Preserving your masonry while offering outstanding customer service is our priority. Our masonry contractors have the expertise to handle any of your masonry repairs. Our full list of masonry services for your home or business includes care.

  • Brick Restoration 
  • Brick Contractors
  • Tuck Pointing 
  • Cracked Brick Repair 
  • Patio 

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