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Poop Scoop Service

Got Dog Poop in Your Yard, garden?

Need a Dog Poop Pickup Service?

Picking up dog poop in your yard is not a fun task.  And who has time to poop scoop after a long day at work or running errands?  But before you know it, a few poops can turn into a big poop scooping chore.  No worries! The Poop Scooper Service is here.  We specialize in dog waste removal!  One of our trained pooper scoopers will come directly to your property and scoop poop so you don’t have to.

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Why Dog poop removal is important?

Not like cow manure, dog poop is not a good fertilizer for your yard. It’s toxic to your lawn, causing burns, brown spots, and visible discoloring to your lush green. A dog’s diet produces a waste that is highly acidic which can cause soil acidity to spike, killing your lawn.

It is a Toxic Pollutant.  The EPA places dog waste in the same category as herbicides, insecticides, oil, grease, and other toxic chemicals.

Dog Poop has strong SMELL!  We all love the smell of dinner cooking on the grill.  Not so much Fido’s last poop!

Why should I hire poop Scoop service?

We are Affordable.  Services start at $10 per visit.  Now think about how much you spend on coffee in a week …

We are Dependable.  The same scooper from our team will come to your property on the same day of the week.  And we stand by our satisfaction guarantee.

We are Flexible.  Weekly?  Two times a week?  Every other week?  During full moons?  For an upcoming party?  Done.

We Love Dogs.  We’ll give your dog extra attention in addition to poop scooping.  We’ll also notify you if we see any red flags (unhealthy poops, broken gate latches, etc.)

What Do Our Customers Say About Our Dog Poop Removal Service?

“Pooper Scooper Service has come to our rescue! They “take care of dogs’ business” once per week for us in a very clean, efficient, and thorough manner. They always arrive on time on the scheduled date and spend as much time as is necessary to completely clean the area.”

— Renee C. Smith

“I Wished I Had Done This Sooner. I was surprised at how reasonable the cost was. It is so nice not to have to do this chore. I feel like I have my backyard back. My scooper comes faithfully every Thursday, and my dog adores her. ”

— Amy C. Watson,

Special Announcement Regarding COVID-19

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We understand that many of you may have concerns relating to COVID-19. In relation to the COVID-19 executive order 34-38 by the governor of Texas, we are OPEN for business, operating as usual, and continuing to accept new clients. Rest assured that in spite of the current condition we are still monitoring the condition of COVID-19 in all states and will always follow all the mandates regarding it.

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