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Have pest problem in your garden? Buying different chemicals for insects, fungi, spiders, and mites? Worry no more, here is our Bio Farm Organic Pesticide PE-FU-Mi 3 in 1 organic pesticide.

Bio Farm Organic Pesticide PE-FU-Mi.  is a pesticide, fungicide, and Miticide formulated from natural Neem oil, Karej oil & plant-based natural plant extracts which give the best results as an insect repellent, anti-feeding growth disrupter, and are effective in all growth stages. 

It is a pesticide that is highly effective against insects and mites such as whitefly, aphids, and scales. Likewise, It also controls fungal diseases like black spots, mildew, and scab. In addition, it is processed under the supervision of our experienced professional quality assured plant extracts and advanced processing methodologies.

 Mode of Action
    • Pesticide-Insecticide: Control Aphids, Whiteflies & other insect pests
    • Fungicide: Controls Black Spots, Rust & Powder Mildew
    • Miticide: Controls Spider Mite
Area of Application
    • “Bio Farm “Pe-Fu-Mi Organic Pesticide” is effective on wide range of horticultural plantation.
Method of Uses
    • Add one cap of Bi Farm Organic Pesticide in one liter of water
    • Spray or Sprinkle once a week early in the morning or late in the evening to get best results.
    • Do not pour concentrated liquid.
    • If more attack of insects is noticed then spray twice at weekly interval and / or 15 days interval regular dose can be done.
    • Keep in dry and cool place.
    • Do not expose to direct sunlight or heat.
 Item Form
    • Liquid

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