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Coco fiber/coir/peat substrate is now in urban demand. In agriculture, home garden, and floriculture, it is the best material to be used with soil to enhance Potting Mixture porosity. It holds an average of eight times the volume of water and humidity. You can use it alone for the holding capacity of water works best with soil. The water requirement for this soil combination is much less. Its uses are numerous, making it the most versatile on the planting list.

Coconut wool allows air and moisture, making it very hydrophilic. This nature of Coco Peat helps to absorb water or moisture very quickly.

Since it is a 100% Organic Medium, Cation Exchange Capacity is more. Hence it helps in exchanging Cations from the nutrients and water that roots absorb. It is lightweight, making the transportation, storage, and handling costs of Coco Peat is significantly less.




Benefits of Coco Coir

Good transition from soil gardening: Growing in coco coir feels like growing in soil because the two media look similar. You can have an utterly hydroponic garden that looks almost like a soil garden. The only difference is instead of watering with only water. You’d water your coconut coir garden with nutrient-enriched water.

Retains moisture and provides a suitable environment: Coco coir is one of the most effective growing media for water retention. It can absorb up to 10x its weight in water, meaning the roots of your plants will never get dehydrated. There’s also a lot of growing media for roots to work through, promoting healthy root development.

Environmentally safe: Although I am a fan of using sphagnum peat moss in the garden, there’s no denying the environmental concerns that peat moss poses. Coconut coir doesn’t have the same problems. Unlike peat moss, it can be used more than once, which breaks down over time. It’s also a repurposed waste from a renewable resource, unlike the peat bogs where we get our peat moss.

Insect-neutral: Most garden pests do not enjoy settling in coconut coir, making it yet another line of defense in your integrated pest management system for your garden.

Can be less complex than “traditional hydroponics”: Coconut coir is an excellent first step in growing hydroponically. You can practice the basics of hydroponic gardening without having to buy or build a hydroponic system and perform all of the maintenance that it requires.

Comes in: 5lbs, 9lbs

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5lbs , 10lbs

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 3.3 in

Helps in the exchange of Cations from the nutrients and water that roots absorb
Enhance Potting Mixture porosity
Works best with soil
It is useful to make mixtures of Potting.
Allows air and moisture in which makes it very hydrophilic
It is the best support in nursery seedlings.
Ideal for agriculture, horticulture, and floriculture


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