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Rebel Classic Critters Fishing Lure 4 Pack Assortment

The Rebel Classic Critters is a 4-piece ultra-light, small, insect/shellfish-imitating crankbait.  The Four Pack Rebel Lure includes one of the most effective lures for streams, rivers, ponds, and small lakes. Fish react better to a smaller, realistic lure. These lures aren’t “kids stuff,” although they will help you create an angler for life.
This 4-Pack contains lures that indeed have proven themselves as “Classic” fish catchers. The Pop-R, Crickhopper, Teeny Wee Crawfish, and Teeny Wee R have been fan favorites for many years, so Rebel put together a kit to provide small water anglers with everything they need to have a successful day on the water. Available in top color patterns which consistently produce.
Weight 0.06 lbs

Proven realistic designs.
Super-sharp quality hooks and hardware.
Catches wide range of small freshwater fish.
Includes the Rebel Pop-R, Crickhopper, Teeny Wee Crawfish, and Teeny Wee-R.


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