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Natural Coconut Fiber for Bird Nest

Coconut fiber is perfect for building bird nests, so it doesn’t matter if you use it for breeding or just for creating comfortable bird nests. Some use these fibers for outdoor wild birds, some for pet birds.

Sometimes birds try to build nests in the water bowl or such. The moment you add these coconut fibers to their cage, you will see that your birds immediately take an interest in this new addition. They start to play with it, pick on it and realize very fast that these fibers are excellent nest-building materials.

Coir bird nests are made from natural coconut shells and fibers, and it is an excellent alternative to synthetic fibers and completely chemical-free. Coir (coconut fiber) is the fiber processed from coconut husks. It is a renewable natural by-product. It’s a natural product that has multiple uses. Coir fiber is excellent for building bird nests and mulch in upholstery.

Natural Coconut Fiber for Bird Nest Coco bed nest material is used for nest building and hiding out. It is made of 100 percent sterilized natural coconut fiber used as bedding material for small birds and animals. Natural-looking nest for small pet bird made of genuine soft coconut husk fiber. Suitable for small birds for breeding, laying eggs, hatching, etc.

This material is ideal for nest building by small birds such as finches, canaries, and budgies. The nest can also be used as bedding for gerbils, hamsters, rabbits, mice, and guinea pigs. Provide your companion with a safe and dust-free option. You just hung the nest anywhere with a hook.

Coir bird nest looks excellent for garden decoration. The exact resemblance to a bird’s nest makes it practical for birds to have a natural look and feel. The nest is beautifully crafted by a local artisan using coir and natural gum used as decorative items inside the house, balcony, terrace, or you can hang it on a tree to attract small birds/finches. Coir is used for most nest-building birds and most wild birds too. Coconut coir is 100 % Organic, Superior, Safe, Clean,

Preferred by Birds. No harmful side effects, non-toxic even if ingested. No chemicals, no pest or pesticides, total parasite free. It can be safely composted or recycled.

Coconut Fiber Bird Nest Bedding

Coconut Fiber Bird Nest Bedding

Coconut Fiber Bird Nest bedding



Ideal for parakeets, cocktatiels, canaries ,finches and other pet birds.

Also have coco coir in: 3klbs, 5klbs, 10lbs

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